The name FRUX comes from the Latin word that is coined with the phrase, 'fruits of the Earth'. Our mission here at FRUX HANDMADE is to create high-quality, sustainable and beautiful handcrafted products for your children, that are made from the Earth, for a better planet.


Handcrafted from the Earth
From the flax that is grown, cultivated and woven into our linen to the sustainably harvested plants used to infuse colour and life into our products, with every material sourced comes mindful consideration for our planet. At FRUX HANDMADE we are intentional about only using natural materials in our products that are processed with the lowest CO2 footprint possible. We take pride in this process and will always work towards doing better for your children and our planet.

Less is always more
FRUX HANDMADE believes that in order to preserve our planet for future generations to come, we need to become conscious consumers with a deep understanding that buying less, high-quality goods is always more. Quality craftsmanship is of upmost importance to us. We believe that sustainable products are those that are designed and made to last.

The magic of Mother Nature
What makes our products so magical is the life that has been passed on to them through Mother Nature's finest creations. Every component of our products is made from plants, which are rich in energy, enzymes, minerals and water. When you hold a FRUX HANDMADE product in your hands you experience the energy of life in so many different ways.

A life of beauty
When you see something beautiful, how does it make you feel? Whether that beauty is from the laughter of your children, a cup of coffee warming your hands or one of our plant dyed linen Custom Patchwork Name Banners quietly resting in the morning light... Do these moments of beauty make you feel calm? Happy? Inspired? Grateful? To live a life of fulfillment is to live a life of beauty. FRUX HANDMADE is dedicated to infusing beauty into yours.

The Wabi-Sabi way
A big inspiration for FRUX HANDMADE is the Japanese philosophy named 'Wabi-Sabi', which embodies the concept of seeking beauty in the imperfect, the simple and the understated. This concept plays an important role in our design process with our plant dyed linen resembling that rustic imperfection, our minimalistic lines creating that feeling of simplicity and our finished products embodying that sense of beauty in an understated way.

For a better planet

FRUX HANDMADE is rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to preserve our planet for our children. Because we take this responsibility very seriously, we have done the research to find the most trustworthy and reliable non-profit organizations to partner with. Together with Eden Reforestation Projects and One Tree Planted, we have made it our mission to help heal our planet through reforestation, ten trees and a time.