Erin Simmons, Designer of Frux Handmade


To get a better understanding of who I am, I will trace back to my roots and where it all began. My father was an architect technologist. He had an eye for detail and was passionate about designing buildings and plotting them out on paper. He also loved building things with his hands which included my grandfathers cottage alongside a small lake in Quebec. My mother was a nurse. She was always of service to others, not only in the hospitals but also in her community and home. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my mother was the importance of giving back to our planet, our communities and our loved ones.

Growing up, I was a quiet-natured child. I spent hours making things with my hands and was never without a creative project. I would spend one day dreaming and the next day creating. Ever since I can remember, nature was my main source of inspiration. When I was 10 years old, I saw the film 'The Secret Garden' by Agniezka Holland and was inspired to turn my bedroom into a garden. My parents were always so supportive of my ideas, regardless of how crazy they may have seemed. Together we taught ourselves how to plaster my bedroom walls and build a ladder from scrap wood where I could hang my grapevines and handmade bird houses from.


Erin Simmons & family, FRUX HANDMADE


When I was 17, I enrolled myself into an art program that was offered at one of my hometown schools. From here I learned about all forms of art including ceramics, photography, illustration, film, animation, painting, lithography, sculpture and textiles. While sitting in a textiles class, I was introduced to natural fibres and learned how they begin with a seed which is grown in the soils of the Earth. This moment was a pivoting one for me. Right then and there I knew that I would work with natural textiles for the rest of my life.

The following year, I left home to experience the big city of Toronto and within the next several years I completed a degree in Fashion Design, travelled Asia while working as a model and held whatever jobs that I could in between it all to maintain the lifestyle I was in. As time went on I became bored with this lifestyle. I became tired of the endless casting calls, the late nights at the bar, the juggling of three different jobs, and the last minute plans of working abroad. I was ready for a change.


Erin Simmons & family, FRUX HANDMADE


Fast forward a few years later, with my husband, a few kids and a big move away from the city. We settled into our home amongst the forests up North and I started becoming inspired by nature once again. I slowly began making soft toys, room decor and imaginative apparel like animal masks, wings, capes, crowns and wands for our kids out of the linen I had on hand. And although all of these creations were beautiful to me, there was a piece in the process that was not aligned with my values, which at that time was unknown to me.

About a year later, I discovered the world of natural plant dyes and knew instantly that I had found what I was unknowingly looking for. I began incorporating natural dyes into my creations and the results surpassed my expectations. The colours infused into the fibres breathed a new kind of life into my products. It was through these experiments in which I discovered plants to be magical in so many ways.


Erin Simmons & Family, FRUX HANDMADE


When I envision of a future with FRUX HANDMADE, I see more than just beautifully handcrafted and plant dyed products for your children. I see a bright light in this world of overconsumption and fast fashion, leading the way for other businesses to do what is right over what is profitable. I see a movement of parents and caregivers with budding awareness on how their spending patterns affect our environment. I see a community of people coming together to rebuild forests, with the intention of preserving our planet for our children and future generations to come.

I'd like to welcome you on our journey towards a better planet. Lots of love and light to you always,

xx Erin