Thoughtful Design
Our design process is one of the longest phases in the making of our products. We believe that a well designed product is a sustainable one, as it is more likely to be loved, used and cared for. Our patterns are often redrafted and samples resewn around 6 to 8 times before reaching a final product. To us, it is so important that all of our products meet our high design standards. Beautiful form and colour, minimal lines and functionality are common themes that are thought of during this process. 


Natural Materials
All materials used in our products begin as seeds that are grown in the soils of our Earth. It is important to us that these plants are sustainably grown, harvested and processed in the most conscientious way. Our pure Baltic linen is made using the lowest CO2 footprint possible by a family-owned business in Lithuania. We believe that it is our responsibility to preserve our planet for our children, which to us means sourcing the most sustainable materials.  


Plant Dyes
Our products are dyed with plant extracts which are sustainably and ethically harvested. All of our linen is hand dyed at our studio in Coldwater ON, Canada, which is then cut and sewn into our products. We refrain from using any chemicals and heavy metals in our dye process as we understand the importance of keeping our children safe and our waterways clean. 


Eco Packaging
All of our packaging is 100% recycled containing only post-consumer content. In other words, no trees were harmed in the making of our packaging! Our packaging is also naturally biodegradable and recycleable. Having said this, we encourage you to save our paper mailers and tissue paper to use as crafting supplies for your children or for gift giving. We believe in getting the most use out of a product before it filters back into the recycling system.